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With the products available from dry and agricultural goods such as nuts, to finished food products such as frozen foods, SHINYEI serves wide range of foods from all over the world.

The food sector is expected to diversify from now on. Frozen vegetables, frozen cooked products (chicken, pork, and fishery products) and processed frozen products (frozen fishery products) are available to meet customer needs. We also develop new products and make proposals to customers.

We carefully select products that have passed the Shinei Group's original quality standards. We will supply safe and reliable ingredients that are seasoned to the tastes of local customers and that are traceable. We will keep this philosophy first and work earnestly.


From the early days when frozen foods began to spread in Japan, Shinyei utilized local ties with Chinese production areas to procure and process local ingredients, mainly frozen vegetables and cooked frozen foods, to suit Japanese tastes. Has developed a variety of foods.
Currently, it supplies over 200 items as a top supplier of commercial frozen foods. We are aiming for product development that extends to fields closer to consumers.

  • Frozen foods

    Frozen Prepared Foods

    Shinyei's cooked frozen foods are carefully handmade by skilled workers, one by one, one by one. We produce only in factories that pass Shinyei's original standards under thorough hygiene management.

  • Frozen Vegetables

    Frozen Vegetables

    We have established a global network of production centers in China, North America, Europe and other countries. In the contract farm, we are working on the production of safe and reliable crops in consideration of the operation, raw materials, fertilizer and environment of workers.

  • Natural Defrost Foods

    Natural Defrost Foods

    Can be used for natural thawing or running water thawing. It is not necessary for cooking. Easy to use for various dishes.


Shinyei, which has been actively engaged in trade between the three countries since early, procure fresh marine products from around the world, such as Scandinavia, the United States, and New Zealand, processes them in China, and provides them to the table.

  • Frozen Marine

    Frozen Marine

    We source fresh seafood from a global network that spans the world. Shinyei's great strength is its freshness management utilizing advanced know-how to maintain the freshness of marine products that require low-temperature logistics.